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Ways You Should Discipline a Depressed Child Differently


Irritability, social disengagement, and poor energy are some of the symptoms associated with childhood depression. Children who are depressed may also struggle to control their behaviors.

All children deserve rules, but children suffering from depression may require additional rules to promote a healthy lifestyle. You may also need to establish personal hygiene standards, since youngsters suffering from depression may refuse to shower or change their clothes.

  • Provide Structure to Your Child’s Day
    Children who are depressed frequently struggle to occupy their time with meaningful activities. Set aside time for homework, housework, and other obligations, and allow them limited use of gadgets only when their task is completed.
  • Separate Your child’s Emotion from the Behavior
    Discipline your child’s actions rather than their feelings. You should not chastise them for being upset or lecture them about being in a bad mood. Instead, convey the idea that emotions are fine. Teach children good coping techniques to help them deal with unpleasant emotions.
  • Catch Your Child Being Good
    Positive discipline works best for children who are depressed. Look for ways to compliment your youngster. Praise will motivate your youngster to continue doing well.

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