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How to Keep Wounds from Getting Infected

How to Keep Wounds from Getting Infected

Children have boundless energy, and this makes them prone to being injured. Wounds, for example, are a common occurrence when dealing with kids who like to play outdoors. Of course, one of the skills required for home healthcare is how you can avoid getting the wound infected.

An infection will complicate the healing process. Aside from extending the recovery time, infections can also pose threats to the child’s health. Sepsis, in extreme cases, can kill even a grown adult. Hence, the child’s family needs to know how to avoid getting wounds infected. Fortunately, that is easily done.

First, the wound must be washed clean immediately after the injury was sustained. Once the bleeding has stopped, remove the bloodstained bandages used to apply pressure to the wound and replace them with fresh ones.

If the wound still bleeds, keep an eye on the bandages and replace them immediately when there is moisture. Moisture invites bacteria, the primary agent of wound infections. Take note that wounds that continue to bleed several hours after the injury might need sutures from a clinic or a facility for pediatric home health care in Richmond, Texas.

You should also apply antiseptics to the wound every time you change dressings. This will remove any presence of bacteria on the skin and reduce the risk of infection.

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